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The Plate Protector II electronically

protects your license plate image

from being copied without your

permission. Traffic ticket cameras use photographic strobe flashes to illuminate license plates. The Plate Protector II detects the flash and fires its own strobe which is aimed at the car’s license plate. The Plate Protector II makes the car’s license plate overexposed so the image appears white to the camera for 1/1000 of a second. Utilizing the standard license plate mounting, the Plate Protector II is mounted along the horizontal edge of the car’s license plate. The Plate Protector II’s built-in photo cells instantly sense the camera’s subtle strobe light then instantaneously fires the Plate Protector’s strobe overexposing the plate image from curious cameras.

The Plate Protector II has been thoroughly field-tested to assure its capability. A simple two-wire installation assures trouble-free performance. Keeping the light sensor and strobe lenses clean is the only maintenance required.


Protect Yourself from Bogus Red light

Speed camera tickets 

100% Protection of privacy


$34.95 + $12.00 SHIPPING & IL TAX


the potential for UNWARRANTED and

INACCURATE red light and speed

photo violations by maintaining your

license plate as clean as possible. The PLATE PROTECTOR© also reduces the amount of unwanted exhaust fumes from entering the passenger area of your vehicle through open windows, sun roofs and convertible tops.

The PLATE PROTECTOR© is not a license plate cover or is it design concept to block, contort or distort any of the registration plate’s characters or renewal stickers. The PLATE PROTECTOR© is NOT a license plate cover, shield, louver or toll evading device since it is not designed to cover or obscure any registration plate characters from view.

The PLATE PROTECTOR© is a patent pending dynamic airfoil deflector which redirects the flow of air at the rear of a vehicle towards the license plate. The redirected airflow reduces the build-up of smoke, snow and soot on your license plate.